Boron Nitride Crucible

Boron nitride has high heat resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal shock resistance and good corrosion
resistance, soBoron Nitride Crucible it can be used as a crucible for melting metal and inorganic salt.Using hot pressing technology, BN materials can be processed into various specifications of crucible and other containers, which can be widely used in smelting evaporated metal crucible, boat dish, pump parts, cast steel mold and synthetic GaAs crystal crucible, etc..Boron nitride ceramic crucible for melting aluminum, zinc and other alloy smelting, instead of graphite crucible.Characteristic for Boron nitride ceramic crucibles is as follows.
1 stable chemical performance, and is not reaction with the melting metal,improve the purity of alloy;
2 good oxidation resistance, higher about 400-500 degrees than graphite materials, up to 900 degrees;
3 service life is much longer than other materials.


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