Boron nitride ceramic


Hot pressing  is a way of producing boron nitride ceramic , which are fully dense and in pure single-phase form. Hot pressing limits the size and complexity of shapes which can be produced, to shape these diamond grinding is used.

1, The sintering process for BN ceramics is carried out under vacuum and inert gas protection, to overcome the past raw materials at high temperatures is corrosion, alienation, peeling phenomenon, to ensure the high temperature sintering, the promotion with good chemical stability.
2, during the sintering process, the method of two-way compression is adopted to ensure the consistency of the bulk density of the sintered body.
3, the whole sintering process of the temperature, pressure and the expansion of the sintering body, shrinkage, have realized the automatic control and digital display, so that the physical properties of boron nitride ceramics is promoted.

Please check the indicator of the boron nitride ceramic

Boron nitride ceramic indicator(PDF file)

boron nitride sintering furnace

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