BN Evaporation Boat

Boron nitride ceramic evaporating boat is the very good material for vacuum aluminizing strict requirements which has special
electrical and thermal properties.BN ceramic evaporator boat can meet the strict requirement for metal film and paper with good thermal shock resistance and good chemical inertness of liquid aluminum.Boron nitride evaporate boat, its basic composition is boron nitride (BN), boride titanium (TiB2) and aluminum nitride. There are also only boron nitride and boride titanium. In the past few years, it has been used by the majority of coating manufacturers in China, and the manufacturers unanimously reflect that BN evaporator boat has the advantages of long service life, uniform evaporation, fast heating speed and high evaporation efficiency.Boron nitride ceramic evaporation boats is widely used in vacuum aluminium plating packing factory, capacitors metallized coating, screen coating, bronzing coating, anti fake mark coating, reflective coating and paper.

Density:2.8 – 3.2 g / cubic centimeter
Resistivity:200-2000 micro ohm / cm

150*30*10; 130*30*10; 125*30*10;
120*30*10; 120*24*10; 110*26*10;
110*24*10; 110*7*5; 105*20*10
Various specifications and parameters are produced according to customer requirements

The use of conditions:
1. working current: 400-900amp.
2.working voltage: 5-15 volts
3. operating temperature: 1300-1750 DEG C
4. evaporation rate: 0.3-0.5 g / min / cm2
5. service life :10-15 hours (the cumulative number of evaporate time)

Boron nitride evaporation boat

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